The TMT Online programs have been designed to follow each day, via your smart phone or Tablet. Each day you log on to the website and the program you have paid for, comes up, it gives you access to your training for that day. each day there will be various Tactics, Movements, Techniques, Drills, and Coaching points, to follow. Once each day has been completed, the calandar Marks  down complete, so you know where you are up to. We are still in the Development Stages of filming, and creating, the Website behind the scenes for These Programs to be available to the General public. We are working hard to make this available soon.

TMT – 1
Beginner > Club Player

This is a 90 day complete Tennis Training System, that takes you from never having played Tennis to club level Tennis player.

TMT – 1
Beginner > Club Player

This is a 90 day Complete Tennis Training system from Club level to Team level Player.

TMT – 1
Beginner > Club Player

90 day Complete Tennis Training System from Team Level to Performance level Tennis Player.

Doubles & Singles

Train Like the Pros Play like the Pros.
learn the secret of great Doubles play, learn the Simplicity of Singles Play, through Drills, Technical & Tactical.

Ferocious Forehand

Develop a winning Forehand that wont let you down in various tactical situations, and that can take your opponent apart.
Learn the 3 main forehands and various Drills used by the Pros.

Rocksteady Backhand

Develop a Rocksteady
Backhand, That can win you Points, and keep you in the Game. learn the Slice and Topspin, How to use it and when. Learn The techniques and Drills to develop the Rocksteady backhand.

Vicious Volley

Learn different Volleys for Different Tactical situations.
Learn How to do various volleys, how to move for a volley, Learn about extension and Bite, Learn some secret Volley drills Invented by SMT.

Serve & Smash

Serve & Smash your way to winning. learn better and easier serves and smashes.
Also included the 2 Secret Drills and Teaching Routine developed by SMT.

Return or Serve

The Art of Returning
Returns, for different tactical situations, Train technically and Tactically through Coaching and Drills.
Develop a return for singles and Doubles. Learn 2 secret returning Drills by SMT.

Approach Shots

To Approach or Not to Approach?
Learn how & when to Approach.
Learn the Different ways to Approach
learn Flow of the Approach shot developed by SMT.

& Lobs

Drop shots and Lobs are so effective when done corretly and at the right time.
Learn How to do them, train them, and when to use them.
learn Some Drills invented by SMT to improve your Lobs & Dropshots.

Fitness & Footwork

Learn the Drills to Improve your Footwork and Fitness On court and off Court.
Learn How to Avoid and prevent Injury, and improve yourself Physically for Tennis.