Who we are?

Your Tennis Local is a professional coaching provider with over 30 years experience & knowledge in running tennis clubs and coaching programs.
Where we offer tennis clubs a bespoke, all in one tennis experience, providing services & coaching to the community from the Local Tennis Club.

Our mission statement is:
A local tennis club, with a local coach, for your Community.
Your Club, Your Community, Your Tennis, Your Way.

Led by Shaun former Coach of the Year winner & a LTA Level 4 Coach:

We are the complete solution for tennis clubs & tennis coaching.
We improve memberships and retain them.
We run successful school to club link programmes.

Your Tennis Local is the GO to service to support and improve your club.


There are numerous health benefits from playing tennis, not only is it a fun sport, but you will benefit from the fresh air, as it is mainly played outside, studies continue to show tennis as one of the best healthy sports to do. It maintains Fitness, Stength and Agility, but there are also Psychological benefits too.  It lowers a resting heartbeat aswell as your blood pressure.


Tennis is one of the leading Sports for Social interaction, and good mental health. It is a great way to meet people, and have fun, it is suitable for all ages and Skill levels, so whatever level you are, there will be similar levels of ability to play with.
When you can play Tennis you can go anywhere in the world and Join a club, and make friends instantly.


TMT is a Teaching System we have designed for teaching Children & Adults from beginners to Pro Players. TMT stands for Tactical, Movement, Techniques. Everything in Tennis has a Tactic, a Movement, then a Technique to execute the Shot.
We always use aspects of my teaching system on my day to day coaching, and will soon be available to learn and follow online via Website & Smartphones.